Sunday, June 8

Well, it's happened...

Well, we've lived here for two years now, and I've found myself pretending that we actually have a summer here.

This is our first official summer in the sense that we have a kid in school now, and we observe that school year schedule. It was our first time to count down days til summer. Even my preschooler who continues his part-time program through the summer is aware of the "season," thanks to the movie, Frozen.

But if you know anything about summer in SF, we do spend a lot of our days feeling a little frozen. July and August tend to be our coldest and foggiest months of the year. And while I know those days are coming, I'm pretending that they're not. And I've found that's how most people around here cope with the impending weather shift.

So let me backtrack; we moved here in July 2012, and while it was chilly, I was actually grateful for the stark climate change from our 100-degree summers in Texas. People would tell me that the weather was nice, and this was unusual for July. I really had no idea what they meant, because in my mind, the weather was supposedly always nice here. Then August came, and I had to find where my winter coat was hiding in our half-unpacked moving boxes.

As summer 2013 approached, people I knew were talking about summer like it was an actual season around here, like they anticipated warm weather. Friends were buying their kids summer clothes. I was delighted to find jackets on clearance racks, remembering all too well our experience from a mere 10 months prior. What are these people talking about? Summer? I've only been here a year, and they've been here a lot longer, so what is wrong with them?

So here we are, summer 2014, and I've figured it out. We are all delusional! Me included. Let's see, it's 64 degrees in the city, but looks like 70 in the East Bay, so let's spend the day at the lake! Oh, 67 degrees!? That's practically swimming weather! Just know that when you're wearing a swimming suit, you're sporting head-to-toe chill bumps as well. And when those kids exit the water, have those towels and hoodies ready to wrap them up quickly!

The truth is, you don't have to go too far from the city to actually find summer. An hour or so in either direction (except west because, well, that's the ocean) and you'll find a warm patch. I figure that's what SFers also mean when they're gearing up for summer... they are LEAVING.

But for us, we're just diving right in, making the most of our sunny days when we get them, taking some day trips to find the sun when it eludes us, and bundling up and exploring the city in other ways when it seems like we're swimming in cream o'soup.