Thursday, February 11

Crying Over Spilled Sprinkles

Ian and I had a cookie-decorating fest yesterday in order to make Valentines cookies for Ian's class at Mother's Day Out. He helped with every stage... the making of the dough, the rolling and cutting, the decorating, AND the eating. I took about an hour's worth of video footage overall. No photos, but I figured hey, we had the videos to relive the memory.

So this afternoon, Ian and I sat down to "relive the memory." With our little handheld video camera in hand, we watched some of the videos on the tiny screen. I got the camera for Christmas, and this was my first time to use it. I hadn't attempted to download the videos, yet. I wasn't even sure what all the buttons did... but Ian figured out a few of them for me.

Gasp! What did you do, Ian? I see the "trash" button being pressed by curious little hands and somehow he even bypassed the follow-up screen, you know, the "are you sure?" By the time I grabbed the camera from him, I was staring at the trash can icon and a void where that precious video (of several that were taken) used to be. "Oh no! You broke it!" I reacted. Ian was very upset about it, too, but mostly because I then took the camera away from him and put it up.

Enter genius husband.

Who not only consoled me in my moment of despair, but also assured me that he would take a look and see if the file could be recovered. Somehow, I knew everything would be alright. I don't think it was an easy task, and I've encouraged John to blog about how he did it. But John found my lost video, hooray!

The ultimate plan is to splice and dice and make some sense out of all the footage I took. However, I feel compelled to share this one video with you... it's very RAW, I might add, and a little lengthy for typical blogroll viewing. But this one is special... because it was almost lost!